Vodka jelly

If you enjoy an alcoholic drink, but find thin liquid difficult to swallow, this is a delicious way to sample vodka. It’s important to get the measurements correct or the jelly may not set.

Preparation time:5 minutes, plus overnight chilling


Vodka jelly is often made in shot glasses and ‘sucked’ out of the glass. This may cause problems if you have swallowing difficulties, as it can cause coughing. Using a rubber ice cube tray makes it easier to pop the jellies out first, then eat at your leisure.

  • Ingredients
    • 250ml vodka
    • 150ml boiling water
    • 200ml cold water
    • 135g pack fruit jelly
  • Method
    1. Cut up the jelly and dissolve in the boiling water.
    2. Add the cold water (the mix needs to be cooler before adding the vodka).
    3. Add the vodka to make up 600ml.
    4. Pour into ice cube trays.
    5. Leave in the fridge overnight to set, then turn out into a dish.