Eating and drinking with motor neurone disease (MND)

Information, tips and easy-swallow recipes

  • How can this web app help me?

    With motor neurone disease (MND), swallowing and movement may be affected. This can make it harder to eat and drink as you wish.

    This web app is a handy companion when preparing meals. It enables you to access easy-swallow recipes on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

    Recommendations on how to adapt the way you eat and drink are also provided. See the following drop down option How do I order the full printed guide? to find out how to get detailed information.

    How do I order the full printed guide?

    Our guide Eating and drinking with motor neurone disease (MND) provides additional information.

    Contact our helpline MND Connect to order a printed copy:

    0808 802 6262

    Download a PDF of the guide at:

    The guide is designed to help you continue the enjoyment of eating and drinking for as long as you wish or feel safe to do so.

    It suggests ways to change how you eat and drink, to get the nutrition and fluids your body needs. It also includes our easy-swallow recipes to help make mealtimes easier, which are all included on this web app.


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