Tiramisu coffee

So simple, so quick and so delicious. Add a little coffee liqueur if it takes your fancy.

Preparation time:5 - 10 minutes


If the sponge is difficult to swallow, use a little extra coffee to soak and soften. You can also try without the sponge (the ice-cream, coffee and milk froth are still lovely on their own). If you prefer, use decaffeinated coffee (caffeine can stimulate the bladder).

  • Ingredients
    • 1 shot of coffee (espresso)
    • 1 scoop chocolate ice-cream
    • 2 sponge fingers
    • Milk, frothed
    • Grated chocolate or chocolate powder
  • Method
    1. Place scoop of ice-cream in a tall coffee glass.
    2. Place pieces of broken/crushed sponge fingers over the ice-cream.
    3. Pour coffee shot over the ice-cream and sponge fingers – if you find thin fluids difficult to swallow, ensure the coffee has been absorbed by the sponge before eating.
    4. Spoon milk froth on top, and sprinkle with grated chocolate or powder.