Steak purée

If you love steak but find it difficult to eat, it is possible to blend to a purée. However, you do need a good cut of tender steak or it may still be a little stringy when blended.

Preparation time:Less than 10 minutes


Cooking time:Up to 10 minutes

  • Ingredients
    • 1 portion of fillet or tender sirloin steak
    • Seasoning to taste
  • Method
    1. Cook the steak as preferred, but for blending medium may work better than rare or too well-done.
    2. Cut into small pieces.
    3. Place the steak pieces with the pan juices into the blender. Use a little extra stock or water if needed to help the meat purée. You can also add a sauce to help this blend easily, such as mushroom.
    4. Reheat if necessary.
    5. Serve with puréed vegetables, mashed potato and a thick gravy.