Raspberry or fruit mousse

This is particularly good with fresh raspberries, which can be sourced through most supermarkets in season. This recipe also works well with other fruits and different flavoured jellies.

Preparation time:10 minutes


Cooking time:10 minutes

  • Ingredients
    • 170g tin evaporated milk
    • 1 packet of raspberry jelly
    • A portion of fresh raspberries (or a tin of raspberries)
  • Method
    1. Chill the tin of evaporated milk, then whip until standing in peaks.
    2. Make the jelly using fruit juice from the tin and water to make up to 300ml. If using fresh raspberries, cook in a little water first, then strain the juice and use in the jelly instead of the tinned juices.
    3. Cool the jelly and whip into the milk.
    4. Blend or crush the raspberries, then sieve to remove the pips.
    5. Fold the fruit pulp into the jelly mix.
    6. Leave in the fridge until set.